SNOW DAY CLASS Intro to Adobe Illustrator + Design Tools Class

$50.00 USD

*Postponed from 12/9 to 12/16 due to snow

Sign-up for Community Design School @ the Mothership
NOW Sunday Dec. 16, 2018
3-5 pm
Sponsored by the Mothership in Durham, facilitated by
Bring a laptop/tablet/Adobe software/phone if you have it :)
We will be sharing resources
Pay options below.

*At the end of this class you will know*
-the basics of graphic design such as typography, color, and layout
-how to use all the basic tools of illustrator
-how to create a vector and create products

*In class we will*
-learn the tools in adobe illustrator
-set up an art board, create a vector, and export work
-explore additional design tools that are free
-discuss and view examples of elements of design